We are an intern solutions company invested in expediting the aptitude and skills of talented individuals aspiring to achieve professional success through internships.

Connecting students to internships


Talent Kiln is an internship placement accelerator for students and businesses seeking to be aligned with goals in mind.
We help to facilitate occupation interest and establish career connections. Save your time and energy and let us match you to your next internship!


Talent Kiln equips students with guidance during the internship and navigates opportunities for personal and professional development alongside the intern. We will lead you to an improved perspective and increase your confidence to determine your path or reach your destination.


Together we can uncover your skills for your professional trajectory. Talent Kiln aims to create work experience for students through internships so you can earn specialized skills, get exposure to the workplace culture, problem solving skills, and much more!


Talent Kiln connects students to businesses to gain a sense of ownership while learning customer/client needs and implementing solutions that will last long after the internship.
We help interns adopt a sense of belongingness in the community and affect positive change.

Everyone has talent

Talent Kiln is invested in cultivating people and has discovered that enriching environments combined with intentionality create opportunities for practical application, time, effort, and energy to produce the right impression.

Internships are environments that allow for exploration and evolution. Our goal is to prepare you so that you can fill the skilled labor gaps and supply today’s workforce with your talent.

Why choose Talent Kiln?

Talent Kiln serves as a kiln for talent and seekers. Our services enhance the potential of both interns and businesses.

In supplying the workforce with talent and/or consulting solutions, the economy benefits from a pipeline of quality, diversified talent and resources.

While we empower interns to embrace a journey of self-discovery via experiential education, we also promote talent retention and paid internships.

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