What is an internship?

An internship is a position, usually filled by students and even professionals, intended to give field experience or academic credit. These can be paid or unpaid!

Benefits of an internship

The biggest benefits are in expanding your network, especially for future job connections or recommendation letters. Internships also provide invaluable experience, often transferable, and are often short-term (anywhere from five weeks to a year!), which allows a glance at potential employment fields of interest.

What criteria do I need to meet in order to apply for an internship?

Every internship is different! We recommend you be a current undergraduate/graduate student.

What are my roles and responsibilities as an intern?

Your role(s) and responsibilities depends on your internship provider needs, education, experience, skill-set, and interest. From an organization’s perspective, having an internship program is invaluable. You will provide the manpower necessary to grow a business, the insight necessary to keep an organization relevant, and introduce a genuine care about the field.

Will an internship lead to permanent employment?

There is no guarantee that a Talent Kiln internship will result in a permanent employment opportunity, but if you put your best foot forward you can certainly with a great work ethic and attitude, at the very least you’ll be in a favorable position to gain employment, a reference or recommendation for an external organization.

Are internships paid?

Talent Kiln supports paid internship opportunities and will encourage internship providers to consider compensating interns either in the form of an hourly wage or stipend. Since Talent Kiln services aim to provide high quality placements and mentorship, we leave it up to you and the internship provider you were matched with to decide whether or not compensation is agreed upon. Please note that compensation may come in other ways! Some unpaid internships do offer other financial benefits such as: a laptop, phone, a vehicle to drive, parking pass, tuition, uniform, mileage, meals, etc. While other benefits may offer college credit. Check with your university/educational institution for clearance on whether you can earn academic credit within a paid internship.

Can I earn academic credit?

Yes – Talent Kiln works closely with a number of accredited schools to assist students with gaining academic credit. It is your responsibility; however, to determine if the internship site is an approved site. In addition, all essential documents should be delivered to essential personnel, reviewed, and submitted to prevent an uninterrupted internship. Talent Kiln will be happy to provide necessary documentation to support your application.

Am I guaranteed an internship?

We do not guarantee internships; however, we do guarantee that we will work diligently to match with the best available internship that most closely matches the preferences you outlined in your application. We encourage you to share your future career goals and the necessary skills during the application process.

Prior to placement confirmation, host companies can elect to conduct an interview allowing you to learn more about the opportunity and the host company to understand how your skills and experiences align with their needs.

When should I start looking for an internship?

Students are encouraged to look into internships as early as high school. Undergraduate students are encouraged to complete at least one internship prior to college graduation.

Are remote internships an option?

Talent Kiln anticipates that a number of businesses will offer a range of internship opportunities including: remote, in-person, and hybrid internships.

How soon may I be informed about my application status?

It varies from case to case and can depend upon the following factors:

  • When the application was submitted,
  • The available internship providers that best fit you and your goals, and
  • When you seek to start an internship (Talent Kiln will prioritize internship placements that are seeking to be matched sooner than later).

Selected applicants are notified as early as 2 months or as late as 2 weeks of internship start date.

When will I start my internship?

Starting dates will be coordinated between you and the internship provider.

Are there any costs that I need to be aware of?

The only fee that you can anticipate will be our application fee if you should decide to seriously pursue an internship opportunity.

What resources do I need to be eligible for an internship?

Internship resources and/or requirements will vary per internship, degree path, international student, etc. An example may include: access to a computer, reliable internet access, transportation.

What if I don't like my internship match?

We require that internship offers be accepted or declined within 48 hours of offer. If you decide to decline an internship offer, we must allow for reasonable time to continue our search and match. If you discover that during your internship that the matched internship isn’t a great fit, we are prepared to make recommendations with you and your circumstance in mind.

What are the procedures for declining an internship offer?

A Talent Kiln representative must be contacted no later than 2 days after an offer has been made with a decision and a reason for decision. 2 days allow for us to continue our search and match all parties within a reasonable time.

Can I walk-in and apply?

At this time, Talent Kiln can can only be reached by chat, phone, email, or mail.

Is Talent Kiln hiring?

We are always on the lookout for interns: Social Media, Business Development, Mentors, and Human Resource interns to name a few so feel free to email us!