Talent Kiln services aid businesses with access to talent, industry competitive edge, and an increased ability to accomplish organizational goals. Talent Kiln simplifies the process of talent acquisition and saves businesses time and resources when hiring students and hosting internships.



Talent Kiln services help to match businesses with prospective interns who are capable and eager to contribute upon being hired.

Each intern is accompanied by a qualified mentor who possesses the skills and capacity needed to beneficially shape the intern and internship experience.

Talent Kiln’s expert advice leads businesses to success. Talent Kiln helps businesses define areas where strategies introduce custom services for a host of business needs including program structure, project management, training, intern supervision, and more! We are here to make it easier for businesses to accomplish goals.

Not all businesses possess the resources to support an intern or consulting services. At Talent Kiln we believe in leveling the playing field and affording start-ups, small and non-profit businesses with an opportunity to obtain top tier talent. Find a sponsor or sponsor an intern or business today!

Fueling regional economic vitality

Talent Kiln acts as a human capital catalyst connecting talent to internships and engage intern’s interests, raise social currency, recognize, refine, develop, and apply skills to grow the competence to fueling economic vitality.

Our solutions include pairing interns with intentional internships, increasing time and expanding resources for internship providers, preparing talent for the profession of their choice through career coaching and mentorship.

Internships are worth your time

You are making an impact within the community by choosing Talent Kiln. My team and I are here to show you the value of internships, the benefits of investing in interns and the ability to attract OUTSTANDING applicants!

Not only do internships increase your business visibility and productivity, but our strategy will advance the company’s overall recruiting goals.

Talent Kiln

Tenisha Gist

Founder and CEO

Tips for intern Seekers

An intern’s presence can serve to increase productivity and their contributions can positively impact the overall bottom line. Via word of mouth marketing, they can influence the public’s perspective and even customer acquisition. The fresh perspectives and new ideas an intern can bring to businesses can improve both the internal and external customer experience.

We have prepared an infographic for decision makers. You can download it by completing the form below: